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GamerzDB is not just a video game database – it's a comprehensive tool to keep your video game collection under control, no matter the platform, including consoles from decades ago alongside recent technologies as well. You can manage your entire game collection with all the relevant info, such as the name of the developer, date of release, cover art, and many other details like the amount you paid for the title or whether you've finished the game.

With support for more than 60 platforms and a database that expands with every new update, GamerzDB lets you add games and platforms to your collection and manage them as desired. You just have to search for the game or platform you want to add by name, date of release, or genre. You can add the desired titles to your collection by selecting them from the results list for the appropriate console, even specifying the date or location of purchase. If necessary, you can modify entries in your catalogue manually afterwards, or even import the games from your Steam library if you want.

Once you have your catalogue ready, managing it will be substantially easier. All this information will be available at all times, and you'll be able to check any detail whenever you need it, filtering the games by platform, year, genre, or format.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.